Mark Poprawski

24th September – 15th October 2021

We are thrilled to present Mark Poprawski’s first solo show with Hicks Gallery  –  Beneath The Surface


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Featuring large scale works on deep edged canvas and smaller framed works on board.  Serene calm seas sit alongside stormy highly atmospheric works which transport you to the coast and allow the mind to wander in memories.


It is usually weather patterns and, in particular, cloud formations that inform my decision whether to take the short walk from my home across the fields and down to the coast path. Reflections and refractions of light glimpsed or diffused through myriad unique cloudscapes provide constantly changing inspiration, whilst the secrets of the sea lie unknown, or perhaps, unknowable, in the vast dark depths ‘Beneath the Surface’  –  Mark Poprawski 

Mark Poprawski - Endurance

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