I Shall Be Released 

Amy Judd

6 – 22 May 2021



Hicks Gallery presents I Shall Be Released Amy Judd’s much anticipated new collection. Featuring a series of larger than life portraits and a collection of quieter delicate works which make up Amy’s largest collection to be released since her Beautifully Obscure show of 2018 .


Presenting themselves almost like cliff faces for the elegant birds which obscure their expressions. They are suspended in time, hiding and waiting. The images are charged with the potential to break out and for the birds to ascend, so releasing and revealing the covered faces


The collection tells the story of the current psyche of the lockdown world we are living in today. Their release coincides with Spring, a season of reawakening and hope. Although there is still a heavy weight around us there is a light shining in the near distance. In the words of Bob Dylan, “I shall be released”.


In contrast to the large sculptural portraits A Fragile Balancing Act is a collection of lighter, more delicate paintings. These depict faceless women balancing glass vessels on their beautiful nests of hair, birds perching gently on the rims of glass. They are motionless and calm, what will happen once the bird takes flight. Will something be released from the vase. Will the stillness be shattered?

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